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the cold and damp

Posted by cat's squirrel on February 28, 2012 at 7:50 AM

as some of you will know, I've moved house again, and I am finally back home in Glorious Devon, UK

It means I have to set up my work shop (if I can find all my things, currently in the garages) before anything can be done, and  the weather gets a bit better.

Things to do include:

investigating more damping compound recipes, and use the most suitable to put into some panels I'm going to use to make a couple of  hifi racks. The plan is to cut out circular holes and fill with the damping compound, then face top and bottom with hardboard. The wood in the middle (with the damping compound filled holes) will probably be chipboard, but that needs looking into as well. I'm going to use 20mm studded steel rod (5) to support the shelves, the rods wil be spaced in a w-shaped configuration.

I'll need to break in a new 3 axis accelerometer I've just purchased, as I think I have worn the old one out (z-axis no longer functions).

I need to finish building an SME arm (3009) which is going on my partner's turntable (Michell Focus1).  It has a completely new straight wand I made from carbon fibre (non-weave), new counter weights, arm rest, bias wire and a detachable headshell made of an aluminium and polyalkene composite. It means I can try other headshell materials, like titanium, and a new material which is a sandwich of stainless steel plate with a steel wool core. As strong as steel, but the weight of aluminium.

all 4 now

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