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non-classical music

 More music has been included here as a reminder of what all the maths is for!

I make no bones about it, Leonard Cohen has written more of my favorite songs than anyone else. Here are just a few


 who by fire:


dance me to the end of love.......................


Halelujah, (need I say any more)


 here's one from friends of mine, fellow Devonians, 'Show of Hands'


and another from them, 'cousin Jack', the name given to Cornish miners....


 here's a few by the late, great John Martyn; 'May you never'


 this one is dedicated to Dapper and Ken, who always used to end this one in E minor 7th....


'Bless the weather'  JM


'I'd rather be the Devil" JM


Bert Jansch plays 'Angie' by Davey Graham


'Needle of death", BJ says there's always someone who requests it, the song, that is....


Eva Cassidy - Who Knows Where The Time Goes - by Sandy Denny